This is the Guru I had been searching all my life || Month of Awakening (2019)

I have been on spiritual journey for more than two decades now. I was introduced to spirituality by Osho, through Osho I found out about many other spiritual masters of different time era.

In this journey at some point when I started feeling the need for a Master who is living and exists in physical form, I tried many exisiting famous names, attended their sessions and workshops. For some time I would feel I have made some progress and my perspective towards life has changed. But then I would start feeling miserable again and depression and pure helplessness would start raising its head.

Suffer, but suffer rightly || Acharya Prashant (2018)

And I assure you, what you call as ‘self-realisation’ is never going to be pleasant.

It’s not going to be blissful or something. It’s always a bit of a heartbreak.

One sees the futility of one’s life, one sees that how tremendously misled one has been.

And all that hits the ego.

One gets hurt.

It is never pleasant to get hurt.

You will not reach Truth with your ego intact.

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