The trouble with Public Display of Affection (PDA) || Acharya Prashant (2020)

You are not displaying merely when you are hugging or kissing, you are also displaying when you refuse to even touch each other, that too is a particular quality of the display.

So, all kinds of displays play a part so come to the central point:

‘Who are you and why are you being seen walking with the other, what is the other bringing to your life and what are you bringing to the other’s life?’

Are you in a relationship that would really enhance each other or would the relationship actually degrade the two of you?

Remember, if the relationship is such that it enhances the two of you, then it would also enhance the rest of the world.

What qualities should one seek while electing a nation’s leader?

Politics are a function of the person and not vice versa.

Politics is about relationships. The President must truly relate to a large number of people. And the quality of one’s relationships comes from the quality of one’s mind.

If one is ambitious, aggressive, insecure, seeking to promote himself, then whatever be his stated policies be, he will end up exploiting everybody, just to further his personal goals and ambitions. It doesn’t matter which party he is contesting from. It doesn’t matter, what policies is he tom-tomming. If he is someone who has no compassion, if he is someone who knows no love, if he is someone who can use people to further his personal interests, then irrespective of his political affiliation, irrespective of his stated goals, he will be dangerous for both the country and the world in general.

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