Quotes, December’15

1. The new, the happiness that you are looking for, will not come through experience, will not come through time; it comes when you are a little less insistent upon cheating yourself.

2.  Rejection of the false and living in the True are inseparable and concurrent.

3. When one loses all hope in the little, that is the point when he has been totally possessed by the Grand.

4. Rejection of the false, and living in the True, are not at all separate happenings. They happen absolutely together. It is just that when you look at it from the side of the false, you see rejection; when you look at it from the side of the Truth, you see positive affirmation and acceptance.

They are not separate at all.

 5. Real renunciation is not about dropping ‘things’; it is about dropping the ‘possessor’ of things.

6. Eagerness to conclude is a barrier to learning

7. When you are really free of worrying, then not-worrying also loses its charm.

 8. Words don’t breathe, words don’t love. Keep saying, “Love, Love, Love…,” one thousand times, you will come no closer to loving. Keep parroting, “Truth, Truth, Truth, Truth,” you will still be sitting in your lies.

9. In remembering anything, remember what you are forgetting.

10. When you remember that to which the intellect gives importance, that is when you forget That to which existence gives importance.

When you remember that to which ‘you’ give importance, then you forget that which is really important.

When man-made values become important, then existential values are forgotten.

11. Whenever something becomes important to you, ask yourself, “What am I forgetting?”

12. You remember a thousand things, but whatever you remember, makes you forget just one thing – the One. The One. That is what you forget. You might be watching T.V. in a very engrossed way, what are you forgetting? The One. You may be quarrelling very intensely, what are you forgetting? The One. You may be deeply engaged in pleasures of the body, what are you forgetting at this instant? The One. You may be deeply overtaken by sorrow and suffering, you might be crying. You remember your sorrow, but what are you forgetting at this moment? The One.

There are a thousand objects, but all objects serve just one purpose – they make you forget the One. The One.

13. Whenever you find yourself being too deeply engaged with anything, ask yourself, “In being engaged with this, in remembering this, what am I forgetting?”

14. You can take this as a mantra: Whenever something becomes important to you, ask yourself, “What am I forgetting?”

 15. Only by seeing the falseness of otherness, you are able to help the other.

 16. To stop giving importance to the world, you have to firstly stop giving importance to yourself.

 17. When ‘you’ are looking at the world, the world is ‘you’. Spirituality is not an exercise in selfishness. To be free of the ‘other’, you’ll first have to be free of yourself, because the ‘other’ clings to you through ‘you’.

18. Planning for action only requires intellect, actually acting requires Faith.

 19. Know the right action – that is Gyana (knowledge), and then plunge into it, with all your Faith – that is Bhakti (devotion).

 20. When life lacks the Essential then it tries to compensate with exotic experiences.

21. Learning is the ability to respond afresh to something, to respond free of experience.

‘Learning’ means that you are able to uncover your innate ability to know and respond.

22. Experiences are not meant to provide or supply anything fundamental to you. But if you are going through these experiences wakefully, watchfully, attentively, then you will be able to see how each experience has the power to cloud your intellect – that is learning. You do not learn from experience, you learn about the experience.

Experience does not bring any richness to your life. Richness of life is given to you by something very innate to you. Something that is your life- blood, it is already there with you.

You can run all your life, and gather as many experiences as you want, and for as long as you want, yet if the mind is resting upon a flawed foundation, it will never gain peace.

The wise man does not expect too much from experiences. The wise man does not make experience the source of his learning. He knows that learning rests within. Experience has no positive role in enhancing learning.

 23. Why are you so anxious? Is there anything in the entire universe that has to worry about the next day, that has to worry about what existence will bring to it?

Nothing worries, and everything gets what it ought to get.

Man is the only one who is so worried about whether or not he would attain fulfilment.

 24. Become one with life, have the faith that whatever will happen, will not destroy you. Remain open, remain prepared to being wounded a little, and then see how you are left breathless with experience. And that experience, which we are talking of, will be fresh.

25. When life lacks the essential then it tries to compensate for it through exotic experience.

When life is brimming with the essential, overflowing with the essential, then the craving for extraordinary experience is no more there. Because the essential itself is the destination of all experience.

26. Learning does not mean the acquisition of anything external. Learning means to see that whatever is external is just so hollow, just so needless.

 27. Truth is in the quality of your mind.

28. Why does a Master speak? He speaks because you cannot hear his Silence. So it’s a compulsion that he must speak. Could you listen to him, without his words, he would not want to speak, because he is the first one to know that words do not matter much.

29. Satsang is not Samvaad, Satsang is not an exchange of words. Satsang is just being together, that particular quality of intimacy which does not require the use of senses.

30. Realisation sublimates the doer; the doing changes by itself.

31. The only way to get rid of suffering is to get rid of the sufferer.

32. To do anything with a suffering mind is to ensure that the suffering continues.

33. Realisation changes the doing itself. That is the magic of realisation. Realisation in itself is not a doing, but it changes everything that you do.

34. To the mind that has decided that realisation is important, realisation becomes readily available.

 35. To help others, you must be free of others.

36. It is never really about others, because whatever you think of others, whatever you take others to be, is just your own projection.

37. What is Faith? To know that you are not reduced, even if all is taken away from you.

 38. No action can correct another action; only in understanding do all actions dissolve.

39. Sometimes the most pleasant looking, the nicest looking action, might actually be coming from a very vicious place, very vicious place. And sometimes, I dare say, most of the times, a very unpleasant action, might be coming from a very sacred spot. So be careful.

Let these eyes not only look only at the superficial. Have eyes that really look.

40. That’s what aloneness implies: One – the world cannot give me fulfillment. In my days of loneliness, I tried enough of that and I have come to realize that the world cannot give me fulfillment. And second – the world does not even exist as an objective entity. I alone am. This is the movement from ‘loneliness’ to ‘aloneness’. Do not think of these two – ‘loneliness’ and ‘aloneness’ – as opposites of each other. They are not opposites of each other. In fact, ‘aloneness’ is the pinnacle towards which ‘loneliness’ is always trying to move. They are different dimensions.

 41. Loneliness is dualistic – ‘me and the world’, and aloneness is non-dual. Often we make this mistake of taking these two as opposites. They are not opposite. If something is the opposite of each other, it has to be in the same, dualistic dimension. Aloneness is not dualistic, neither is it in the same dimension.

 42. The liberated one is liberated from maintaining liberation.

 43. ‘Was’, ‘is’ and ‘will be’ indicates a belief in time. So even though you are talking of Truth, yet you are maintaining your belief in time. No realized man will talk of Truth in these terms. And if he does, it would only be for the consumption of a particular set of people, who would otherwise not understand.

44. The commandments of the Self are that you must abide in the Self; that is your real place, that is where you must be. That your actions must be coming directly from the Self – from the Self to the mind, from the mind to the material.

 45. Only Silence communicates fully; let words come from Silence.

 46. That which cannot be expressed through words, is expressed in Silence. And That which cannot be expressed in words, is immensely important. You require a special language, because that deserves a special language. That special language is Silence. Hence, Silence is the most eloquent expression.

 47. You are wonderful, beautiful, awesome, simply as you are.

48. You deserve an ocean, and you are giving yourself a few droplets. Will you not be thirsty?

When you look at the faces of people around, what else do you see except a very pronounced thirst?

You wanted much more, and you deserve much more. Give that to yourself.

50. Can I do something more to reassure you that you are wonderful, beautiful and so very nice, without thinking, without planning, without speaking, without smiling, without achieving, without running, without reaching, without even wondering? Just with nothing. With absolutely nothing, you are still so nice!

51. Love yourself enough to say that you deserve the ultimate Truth.

52. The Whole gives rise to parts, yet is beyond them.

53. You appear by the will of existence, so just abide by the will of existence.

54. Real love is total death.
So is real breakup.

The real love affair cannot end with a breakup. One cannot die twice.

55. The child is born with senses.
The Buddha teaches no sense.
The priest teaches nonsense.

56. Tell me the Truth.

Tell me the Truth.

57. Truth naked is Beauty.
Truth fabricated is ugliness.

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